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About Us

Who are we?

We are an influence marketing company partnered with more than 1500 influencers worldwide, giving us a global audience reach of 150+ million. We manage the biggest social media accounts and work with them to successfully promote to a multitude of people.

With just one click, we are able to bring your company to the face of millions by strategically placing it in front of a mass audience through social media. Our influencers are embedded within all major social networks, which gives us an audience reach to almost every single country unmatched by any other company.


Home Owners
Car Owners
Online Shoppers
16 - 40


6 Simple Steps

We take your product or service that you want to market from you...

Project Brief

Sit down with our creative team of out of the box thinkers to create an unconventional, yet, incredible marketing campaign that is best suited for your business

Campaign Presentation

We present the comprehensive campaign to you with all details of how we will achieve the results you require

The Magic Begins

Once you have approved the campaign, we strategically implement your product/service to your target audience via our influencers on all major social platforms

Our Work Begins

We deliver your campaign to millions through our influential community, which creates a sense of word of mouth marketing

The Results Start

This leads to a tremendous amount of awareness, thousands of website hits, earned promotion, sales increases and anything else you'd expect from an advertising campaign

In A Nutshell

We will get you recognised to millions while you eat your lunch.

Detailed Analytics

The second best thing at Panache Media is our marketing capabilities.

The first best thing is our analytics report.

It is of great importance that you are constantly aware of what goes on in your campaign. Which is why our analytics team will issue you with an extensive analytics report detailing complete insight on absolutely every thing that went on whilst your campaign was live.


Our unrivalled access to data will give you in depth knowledge on every movement of your campaign, getting you ready to initiate your tactics better.

Profile Analytics &

  Audience Insights

Hashtag Monitoring

Content Performance

Cross-Channel Analysis

Competitor Insights

Campaign performance

Website traffic

URL Clicks

And much more

Our experts will assess and analyse all your social media pages, your competitors network, and the Influencers working on the campaign, leaving you with an absolute birds eye view.


The PM team can also provide you with complete details of all the previous social media campaigns you have ever run, giving you key information and allowing you to cross reference all campaigns to see which worked best.

The data on our analytics report is also available to view and modify on Excel and PowerPoint, making it easy for you to keep track of all your campaigns to see if you're getting the results you want.

Worldwide Coverage

Working alongside the biggest influencers in different industries has allowed us to understand social media and it's users, thus enabling us to come to know the world of social media and the behavior of the consumer. Not only do we understand what makes them like, comment and share, but we even know what makes them buy.

Our influence is spread through all major channels which means we can still reach out to users who are not on multiple platforms. Therefore, reducing the chance of us missing any potential customers. Having versatile audiences allows us to market for all industries.

  • UK
    31 Million
  • EU
    21 Million
  • USA
    64 Million
    11 Million
  • ROW
    25 Million

Why Choose Us?

120% Increase

We have increased the success rate of every single one of our clients businesses by at least 120%

100,000 hits in 12 hours

We have helped traffic more than 100K unique website hits in 12 hours for 8 of our clients

Sole Marketing

Over 30 different app developers worldwide have partnered with us as their sole marketing company

Great for Start-ups

We've helped 24 businesses take off within the first month of their launch

150+ Million Reach

We've grown our market reach to 150+ million and it is rising at an exponential rate


We had 36 initial consultations and worked on 14 different projects before we had even set an official launch date for Panache Media

What Our Clients Say?

Below are a few comments some of our clients have left us regarding the service they have received from us.